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About Us

Our Mission

The purpose of the Trucking Cares Foundation is to improve the safety of the trucking industry and the safety, security, and sustainability of America's highways and communities we serve by supporting and promoting research, education and leadership development, volunteerism, and a broad range of charitable activities towards those ends.

Our Focus

We will focus Foundation efforts on promoting volunteerism and raising/distributing donations/grants to support established 501(c)(3) organizations dedicated to:

  • Trucking industry workforce development
  • Strengthening the trucking industry’s relationships with law enforcement, military, and veterans
  • Humanitarian and disaster relief
  • Eradicating human trafficking
  • And engaged in professional, academic, and scientific research related to vehicle and highway safety and security

 Such donations/grants shall be controlled by the following eligibility policies and guidelines.  For more about the Foundation's Focus, click here.

Our Partners

The Trucking Cares Foundation seeks to strengthen the federation by inspiring, mobilizing, and consolidating the individual and collective generosity (time, money, assets and expertise) of this extensive trucking family in support of charitable endeavors that advance the purpose of the Foundation. 

  • The Trucking Cares Foundation will accomplish its mission by working in concert with the ATA federation, including the American Transportation Research Institute, ATA conferences, State Trucking Associations, and their affiliated conferences.

As part of its commitment to support the welfare of the trucking community, the Trucking Cares Foundation is also exploring partnerships with healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies to facilitate access to essential medications, such as generic cialis UK, for truckers. Recognizing the unique health challenges faced by long-haul drivers, these initiatives aim to provide affordable and accessible health solutions that cater to their specific needs. This expansion into healthcare reflects the Foundation's holistic approach to enhancing the lives of those in the trucking industry, ensuring that physical well-being is as prioritized as their charitable and professional contributions.